Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My first (somewhat successful) zendala

This actually took a loooooong time to complete. Not because I am slow, but it took me a while after each step / stroke to consider what is the next one going to be. :)
Could have been better, I suppose, but I decided to post it anyway.
Shaded with Promarkers.


  1. I definitely like this one. Nicely done zendala!

  2. So, you want to be an artist, Davor! I said that a lot most of my life! Now, here I am an artist! And of course you are too. Look at your work. It is beautiful!

    I am an artist, and I still cannot do work that good! I aspire to do work as good as yours. Congrats!

  3. This is really lovely. The flow like waves is beautiful, and I love your subtle use of color here and in your other work. It has given me some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    A question for you - the balls with the abundee-like curves around them that with the subtle blue here look like waves - is that your own tangle? Or is it published somewhere else? I would love to use it in my work but don't want to copy it if it is not meant to be freely used. - thanks!

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. The tangle you are describing is mine (or at least, I haven't used any reference while drawing it - maybe something like this exists - it's hard to track all the patterns alive in the world. :) As far as I am concerned - you can use it if it inspires you. Basically, you draw a swirly, curly half "S", and use the end of it for the first step of a wave. Than build on it, making it shorter every time. The balls are added last, and then the "stems" on which the waves are sitting are aura-ed. :) Hope this helps and makes sense. :)

    2. Thanks, Davor, for the instructions, which were very helpful, and for the permission to use it. It really is a great tangle... I am looking forward to see what you post next! :-)

  4. I love this one! I think it is very successful.