Monday, 24 August 2015

Variations #7 & #8

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More to come!

Variations #5 & #6

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Variations #3 & #4

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Variations #1 & #2

Are you familiar with these two tangles?

The tangle on the left is EDDY, created by Suzanne McNeill. You can see the instructions for drawing it here.

The tangle on the right is LaBEL, created by Sue Jacobs. The instructions for drawing it can be found here.

As you can see, they are quite different, but notice how they share the same "base", or the starting point. Have you noticed? Of course you have, even before I started writing this post. :)

A while ago I wanted to try something similar - use the same base to create different tangles. And here I will be, in series, presenting my attempts.

I will call my tangles - tangles. Yes, some of them will be representative, but I've tried to follow the Zentangle principle of "one stroke at the time" and attempted to finish them in six (or less - or more. :)) steps.

Hope you like them. Would love to see what you did with them if you use them in your art, and especially, please DO share if you have attempted to create similar tangles.

Note: Although I alternate the loops (the twirly bases) in alternate directions, try to use the tangles with the "loops" facing the same direction as well. You might be surprised by what you achieve. 

They also make nice borders for zendalas.

Phew! Such a long introduction. Mind you - English is not my parent tongue (as you might have noticed if you have read the above sentence: "I alternate the loops in alternate directions" :D), so I might need a few more words just to make sure I am understood.

Here it goes: VARIATIONS #1 and #2:

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P.S. - I had SOOO much fun inventing the names for the tangles. :)

Sunday, 23 August 2015

K.T. in a grid

By popular demand here are the steps for turning the "string" pattern K.T. into a grid. Wish the instructions are prettier, but hope they are clear. :)

You can see the original instructions for K.T. here.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My first (somewhat successful) zendala

This actually took a loooooong time to complete. Not because I am slow, but it took me a while after each step / stroke to consider what is the next one going to be. :)
Could have been better, I suppose, but I decided to post it anyway.
Shaded with Promarkers.

A lonely Zinger

Just a scan of something I did a while ago. I like the minimalism of it. Prior to drawing, the paper had been stamped on and "dirtified" :) with distress ink.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Easy butterfly

Here is an easy butterfly for you.
I don't call this "a tangle", since a tangle is non-representational pattern.
Like "pokeleaf". :)

I will also not give it a unique name - non-representational - that tangles should have.
Like "pokeleaf". :)

Kidding. I actually LOVE pokeleaf. And pokeroot for that matter.

Oh, yes - the butterfly:

Monday, 10 August 2015

New tangle - MISERY

Decided to share one more that I like to draw a lot. Sometimes you just get tired of "pokeleaf" and "pokeroot". :)

But why "Misery".
Once upon a time I had a carnivorous, flesh-eating plant that looked similar to this tangle. Of course, a deadly plant needed just a perfect name. And, around the time I got the plant, I watched the movie Misery with Kathy Bates. The name just seemed so perfect. :)
Although the name of the tangle might not be very pretty, the tangle itself can be quite lovely. Just don't touch it too often!
Hope you like it!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

My first tangle - K.T. (Kay-Tee)

Here is the attempt in sharing my first tangle pattern. I call it K.T. - in the honor of my hometown, Kutina (car registration plates KT :))

Anyway, hope you like it.
Has many possibilities - line, grid...
I hope nobody else has come up with something similar. And if they have - well, now we have two. :)
Have a nice day.

With step 04 the tangle is actually finished.
Steps 05 & 06 are just extra options.
A couple of Bijou monotangles:

Go HERE for K.T. in a grid instructions. :)

The beginning

Hi there.
Well - the first post! And the blank page.
What is one supposed to say?
I am new to this. To some people, blogging is like drinking morning coffee. To me - I am not sure.
But "Everybody is doing it, so why can't we?". :)

This attempt was triggered by Zentangle (R) (will write a proper "registered trademark" symbol when I get familiar with the blogging tools). I have been obsessed with it for, well, a year or so now, and maybe this could be the way to show what I have learned so far and to learn even more.

Enough ramblings for the first post. Welcome!